Spirituality of Fashion

Joined by Didi Mogashoa, our founder Jessica Ramoshaba has a deep conversation via IG live on the spirituality of fashion and why what we wear matters.

Source: Didi Mogashoa. Linktree

Didi shares with us a few things on the topic of the ‘Spirituality of Fashion’:

1. Having awareness of the clothes that you wear is important. Didi mentions in the IG live interview that how she dresses on a daily basis is based on her mood when she wakes up.

2. The garments that we wear have been through a cycle that then continues onto you, so being aware of the process the garment went through and the energy that’s been passed through onto it by those who worked and contributed towards it is important. As you wear the garment “it’s a whole cycle that you are carrying” – you carry with you the energy as you wear the garment.

3. Wearing a certain item can make one feel beautiful at that moment and time that they are wearing it. The item that you are wearing may awaken the “joy” within you, so if it means that wearing a certain item will make you feel happy when you’re feeling down, then do it.

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Article by Reneilwe Monametsi