What Makes You Beautiful?

Our founder Jessica Ramoshaba had an interview via IG live discussing the topic: “what makes you beautiful?” With the well-known and loved South African make-up artist Nthato Mashishi.

Source: Zalebs. 2020.

Here are some Make-up Tips from Nthato:

1. The first thing one should do is nourish one’s skin. The reason being that your skin is your “canvas that you’re working on”. Always keep in mind that you should use/ do what works best for you.

2. When you are in the process of purchasing a foundation, the best option to go for is to buy a water-based foundation because water is “very nourishing”. Avoid buying oily foundations to prevent your pores from being clogged.

3. Lipstick: Maintenance of the lips is very important. Always ensure to moisturise and scrub your lips with sugar to remove dead skin. Lipsticks can be used in 3 ways, use it as a form of blush, eyeshadow and lastly on your lips.

To listen to the whole interview and get more tips from Nthato, check out our Instagram and click on the IG live icon.

Article by Reneilwe Monametsi