Repurposing Your Empty Cosmetic Containers

Don’t throw away your cosmetic containers.

Throwing away beautifully designed empties can be a bit heartbreaking and not so sustainable. So, you’ve used up the perfume, lipstick, or facial cosmetic container, what happens to the remaining container? To help drive sustainability you have to repurpose the cosmetic empty containers. Put those empty containers to better use. Repurposing cosmetic empties not only drives sustainability but also saves you money.

Source: Kiehl’s UK

Here are three ways to repurpose cosmetic empty containers:

1. Making oil diffusers from perfume bottles.

Repurposing perfume bottles is so easy. Just take out the spray mechanism, then add a diffuser oil. Lastly, give it a slight shake, then add some reeds and you have a repurposed diffuser.


2. Empty lipstick containers can be used as a bobby pin holder.

Is your lipstick finished? Clean the lipstick container tube and turn it into a bobby pin holder for your pins.

3. Large makeup containers or compacts can be used as a DIY sewing kit or earring storage.

After you have finished using the product you need to wash and dry the container in depth. Right after the container or compact is dry, you can store your earrings, sewing pins, buttons, and safety pins.

Source: Kiehl’s Facebook page

Tip: After you finish using a product, you need to always ask yourself, how would this container have an afterlife? All cosmetic empties need to have a second life.