What We Need To Know About Eyeshadow

Using what nature provides to enhance one’s beauty can be traced many centuries back to when females made use of what they had around them. For instance, using burnt matches to make their eyes darker, berries to give colour to their lips and lastly, in order to reduce facial wrinkles the would use the urine of young boys. Eyeshadow can be trace back to Ancient Egypt about 12000 years ago (10000 BCE).

Organic Eyeshadow VS Synthetic Eyeshadow

Organic eyeshadow also known as natural eyeshadow is made of natural/organic ingredients. Unlike Organic eyeshadow, Synthetic eyeshadow is made out of artificial ingredients and chemicals that may be harmful to the human skin.

Source: Liz Breygel, Unsplash


Source: Carolyn DelaCorte, Unsplash

The Benefits:

Organic eyeshadow:

1. Organic eyeshade is safe for people with sensitive skin.

2. Reduces possible vulnerability to harmful ingredients.

3. Organic/natural ingredients are used to make the eyeshadow.

Synthetic eyeshadow:

1. The colour of the eyeshadow is more pigmented compared to the organic eyeshadow.

2. One can keep the eyeshadow for longer and not have the need to spend money on new eyeshadow.

The Differences:

Organic eyeshadow:

1. Eco friendly.

2. Usually cost more.

3. It has a shorter shelf-life compared to synthetic eyeshadow.

4. Limited number of colours.

5. Safe for people with sensitive skin.

6. Only organic ingredients used.

Synthetic eyeshadow:

1. Possible health issues may arise.

2. May be to strong for someone with sensitive skin.

3. Greater risk of allergic reactions.

4. Longer shelf-life.

5. They have a wide range of shades available.

6. More affordable and can we found almost everywhere.