Lungile Mahlangu Talks Sustainability With Us

This week, we spoke to one of our own FOUURA team members. Fashion Media student Lungile talks about her passion for sustainability.

How did you discover sustainability?

I discovered sustainability while doing a trend research assignment in 2020. One of the top 3 trends set to boom in that year was sustainability. I got more interested, and I started doing more research on it. I then realized the importance of sustainability and how much of an emergency it is for all of us to be conscious. That’s how my journey started.

Why does the subject of sustainability resonate with you?

It resonates with me because I now know the importance of it. With sustainability, once you know its importance, it will resonate with anyone.

What is your view on GenZ and sustainability?

In one of the studies I’ve read, GenZ is the one generation that forces brands to be sustainable, as they are the most eco-conscious generation of our time. I absolutely agree with that. GenZ has made simple factors of sustainability such as thrifting and recycling cool. Now, GenZ is influencing brands because of their larger voice and social media presence.

In your view, how should people who are struggling with the concept of being sustainable tackle it?

Research, research, and some more research.

What are some of the interesting technologies that are coming our way in this field?

  • Blockchain technology (Blockchain technology allows a consumer to access the production cycle of their clothing)
  • Technologically and scientifically designed materials
  • 3D virtual sampling (enables reducing waste in both design and product development)

Can you give people advice on how to transition into a more sustainable lifestyle?

Shop as responsibly as you can. I think that’s the easiest contribution one can make. Because by not shopping responsibly it’s sort of like you keep feeding the problem (which is fast fashion), whereas we are supposed to starve the problem instead of feed it.

Try not to shop for brands that are known for unethical acts (both social and environmental).