Wardrobe Series: Pumela Salela

A while back we chatted to Pumela, the UK Country Head for Brand South Africa. We chatted about what informs her image and style in the high-profile role that she holds and how she manages her wardrobe to match her busy career.

IG: @pumelasalela

“In my style I like to represent the African continent in a manner that is still global.”

IG: @pumelasalela

Everything that Pumela does, she does it with intention. So, we asked her what is the intention behind her purchases? What informs her to buy it?

Pumela: The first informant of my purchase decisions is definitely my style. I like to describe my style as being an “understated elegance. Also, “Africa gone global.” So if I wear an African piece, I add a global twist to it. It must be bold and beautiful but it must not shout. I am very unapologetic when it comes to colour and boldness in my style.

The second part of my style is that it’s understated: the shape/how it looks on me; there must be some elegance about me. I feel I am naturally an artist. My clothes are an outlet for that creative side of me so that I can express myself in all that God has made me to be.

The African aspect of my style: I’m passionate about Africa. I have traveled around Africa plenty of times and I want to visit each country.

When I go to a new country, I buy a piece of cloth from each country. I ome home and get inspirarion from nature and then I use that put outfits and colours together. I also design my own clothes.

To watch the rest of our conversation on our IGTV with Pumela, head on over to our Instagram @fouura_lifestyle.